What helps me through periods of anxiety

After my initial diagnosis of anxiety I spent the next year understanding, sometimes anticipating and navigating my through the minefield. I had learned to avoid situations that I knew would trigger me; I stopped food shopping at weekends and stuck to quieter evening times, I avoided busy public transport, I avoided places I knew would be busy and crowded. I basically became a bit of a hermit. The numerous days out with my family in school holidays or at weekends which were previously full of theme parks and tourist attractions were now few and far between. A day out at Chessington World of Adventures became ‘family game day’ indoors. (I now have a fantastic games collection!)

I have never found periods of anxiety any easier since then but what I have found is that I can rationalise and deal with them better. I now know they aren’t going to last forever. I have become accustomed to the before, during and after, I can read the signs. If you are new to dealing with anxiety then please take this as a small comfort. It might not feel any better in the moment but you can find comfort in knowing your own triggers and routines. When I feel it raging inside me now I reach for my army for products I have acquired over the last year and a half!

I am sure many of you have tried different products yourself. What works for you? I have become a firm believer in trying everything and realising that what doesn’t work for someone else may work for you.

A little key piece for me has been magneto beads. They are small magnetic beads that you can basically fiddle with. When my mind is racing and my hands need occupying these are my go to. I rarely go out without them tucked in my coat pocket, and because they are so small they are easily concealable. Perfect for trying to hide dealing with the panic that is racing through you.

Rescue remedy drops are great. There are several Rescue remedy products out there but for me the drops are great. If I feel that my anxiety is starting to build I add a few drops to my water bottle and sip away. They are a small bottle so easy to carry in your handbag so you are never caught out.

My favourite purchase has to be the weighted blanket. I hadn’t really heard loads about these at the time but they popped up on my instagram feed and I was engrossed. They vary in price and there are lots out there. In the past year they have grown in popularity. I purchased the Koala. If I’ve had a really bad day with my anxiety I put this on my bed at night instead of my duvet. It helps massively with my sleep also. If I’m having a wobble during the day and I’m at home I can just snuggle up on the sofa with it in-front of a film. Not the cheapest product but is a lifeline particularly when the anxiety is at its worst.

Candles always a winner! Yankee’s “a calm and quiet place’ is a fave. If you suffer with anxiety/depression then no doubt at some point you have suffered with sleep! A pillow spray and a night app are often a soothing combination. My current favourite pillow spray is the `Mrs Hinch lavender blossoms.’ It’s not overwhelmingly lavender but soft and subtle, enough to calm you but not enough to make you feel like you are choking on pot pourri.

The biggest thing I have learnt is one size does not fit all. There are products everywhere! Has everything I’ve brought worked? No! BUT I have found some that I wouldn’t be without now, so look, research, try, buy and find your own little gems.

Love Laura

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